Tapestry carpet Red Tundra
€4 953 per sq.m.

For only a few short-term autumn days, the Tundra blazes with a wealth of red hues. It “burns” with a scarlet flame as if trying to warm the already almost cooled earth with its bright color. “Autumn Tundra” is a unique color phenomenon that cannot be compared to anything.

This is a hymn to the Red. The energy, strength and all-encompassing warmth of its character inspired the creators to experiment with materials and techniques.

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Red Tundra

Abstract color patches are woven from woolen, cotton metal threads, as well as viscose, acrylic, polyamide and micro polyester. When creating a tapestry different types of weaving are used: carpet pile, tapestry and author's technique that resembles bulk embroidery. Thanks to the use of not only finished, but also unique, manually twisted threads of different textures a play of the relief is born.

The Tundra" of Elena Tkachenko and Galina Domakha " is able to fill in all the space without losing artistic qualities. Squares can lie on a horizontal floor surface, either hang from the ceiling or on the wall creating a completely abstract piece.