Metal panels
From €6 233 apiece.
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Metal art by Igor Andriukhin

Igor Andryukhin was born February 21, 1964 in Kharkov, USSR.

In 1979 - 1983 he studied at the Kharkov State Art School and in 1986 - 1993 in the Vera Mukhina’s Higher School of Art and Design at the department of artistic metal processing.

He first started participating in exhibitions in 1979, and in 1994 joined the Union of Artists.

In 1998-2000 he took part in the international "Millennium Project" in the UK, where he created a sculptural composition "Horn of Plenty", the project of which is kept in the collection of the Royal Family.

In 2012 he received the Diploma of the Russian Academy of Arts.

In 2013 Andryukhin became an Honorary Member of the International Organization for the Conservation of Artistic Metal in Europe.

In 2014 he recieved the “Master” award from the Committee for Culture of the Russian Federation, the Academy of Arts and the Administration of St. Petersburg under the auspices of UNESCO.